Caribbean holidays on the island St. Maarten

Your wonderful Caribbean vacation will be sure.


You have found the cottage on the beach of the island of St. Maarten / St. Martin. Look at it and look forward to your upcoming vacation in the Caribbean. It's a dream come true.


The panorama in front of the house with the white beach of the Caribbean is overwhelming.
Caribbean panorama from the terrace of the holiday home
Rent your dream home in the Caribbean
Holiday house in the Caribbean to rent

This may be your apartment for the next Caribbean vacation. You have chosen the wonderful Caribbean.

We offer apartments at our beach house right on the beach in the Caribbean. Choose from a large, medium or small apartment. The white Caribbean beach is just in front of the house.

The house on the Caribbean beach offers plenty of space.

Vacation home with own pool
Caribbean vacation with pool
Fantastic views from the pool terrace
View from the terrace on the Caribbean beach and the sea
Space is sufficient in the beach house
Spacious living room in the Caribbean Villa 2
The rooms are equipped exclusively
Comfortable bedroom

Rent a beach house here on the Netherlands Antilles. We rent by owner without the truoble of a hotel .

The rooms in the house are bright and friendly. You will have plenty of space in a beach house in the Caribbean. The beach is directly accessible from the holiday house. The apartment, is located in the southern part of the small Dutch Antilles island of Sint Maarten. The north of the island is French and is called Saint Martin.

You will find peace and magnificent white sand at the beach in front of your apartment.

The island will also surprise you with an abundance of quite a different kind of offers.

A small island in the Caribbean, which will surprise you with its variety

Diving to the fish and coral is a popular sport on St. Maarten
Corals near the Caribbean island
The island in the Antilles has beautiful bays and beaches
Caribbean bay with boats
White sand and palm trees - all over the island
Caribbean palm trees on beach
The evening and night life is varied on the island of St. Maarten
Department store in the evening in St. Martin

You can explore the Caribbean island of St. Maarten starting from your apartment. The Caribbean island of the Antilles are famous for the delicious offers in many restaurants and bars.

There are a lot of stores and shopping centers, so you have plenty to do during your holiday at the Caribbean island.

On several places at this website you can find recommendations for your evening program: e.g. holiday fun, or the page of the numerous casinos on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten.

You can get active in your holiday in many ways. Maybe you want to dive and to have a look at the beautiful corals in front of the island, you can do watersports on top or under the water or play golf or do horseback riding. Find out more about it on our page Activities on St. Martin in the Caribbean. Very popular are the boat trips around the island of St. Martin, where you learn a lot about the many beautiful bays and beaches. You can also visit the neighboring islands.

Rent a vacation home in the beach house in the Caribbean and explore the interesting island of St. Maarten / St Martin and its magnificent beaches and coves. You will not be disappointed.