Vacation with Aloe vera in the caribbean , where Aloe is growing perfect

Urlaub und Aloe Vera: 2 Gründe, im Aloe Vera Paradise am Dawn Beach St.Maarten in der Karibik im Ferienhaus Urlaub zu machen.
Aloe Vera, die Pflanze der ewigen Jugend, soviel Sie wollen während Ihres Karibik-Urlaubs im Ferienhaus am Dawn Beach St.Maarten

In the Caribbean Beach Villa Tropical Beach Paradiseyou can do much for your health for free: The pure fresh Aloe vera is waiting in the garden for you.

 The T R O P I C A L   B E A C H   P A R A D I S E  gives you  e t e r n a l  life

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                            ALOE VERA - “The Foreverliving Plant”
Why do we call aloe vera the “Eternal life Plant”?
For a healthy and long life we need a vast number of nutrients:
vitamins, minerals, enzymes, aminono acids,  essential fatty acids and oils.
 Diseases and the infirmities that accompany old age are often a consequence
of a lack of certain nutrients, poor cooking techniques, ignorance of natures
healing  magic and inadequate  exercise.

Without signs of wear and tear and a properly disciplined diet we could
theoretically live indefinitely.
But why is the life expectancy so low and why are there so many diseases as
we age?

Scientist have discovered that free radicals and nutrition play a significant role.
Free radicals are atoms or molecules with a missing electron in its outer shell.

They are very reactive. They Take an electron away from nearby atoms and molecules which consequently become free radicals which continue the process until the  molecule disintegrates into more stable but unnatural fragments. The unstable radicals enter through the cell walls, damaging DNA and other cellular molecules; causing  premature aging and concomitant diseases.

  Nature has several  remedies:
Free radical inhibitors or scavengers are needed to turn free radicals into normal, harmless atoms or molecules.

Many vitamins play this role. Vitamin C is notable. However this molecule loses its nutrient value once it encounters free radicals. This vitamin need to be replenished daily since the body completely excretes what it does not use.

If one eats several pounds of fresh oranges daily, the body receives lots of these free radical scavangers that end up beeing excreted. Vitamin C alone is not enough.

Nature provides several solutions one of which is free radical inhibitor nutrients
found in a complete diet.

One needs more of specific nutrients with increasing age because they prevent cell damage through free radicals Vitamin E is able to regenerate the ineffective, oxidized Vitamin C molecule through electron donation. Vitamin E  is in turn regenerated by the coenzyme Q10 that is further reduced by selenium afterwards.
One can conclude that it is very important to provide the body with a multitude of different nutrients.

 A balanced diet includes sufficient vitamins.
One could exclusively eat vegetables from biologically controlled agriculture and adequate amounts of protein. Even so, one would need to eat incessantly to get the essential nutrients that are contained in relative low levels in some foods.

 Many free radicals accompany food intake.  Fertilizers,  pesticides and chemically processed foods often contain a high proportion of  free radicals relative to natures nutrients.  Improper cooking can also destroy nutrients.

Most notable examples are overcooked vegetables and free radical rich charcoal steaks and hamburgers.

One drag of a cigarette contains 100 billion free radicals!  The damaging effect of alcohol is also known.   Few nutrients can neutralize these strong stimulant poisons.
Correct exercising is important as well, e.g. jogging for 30 minutes daily with a pulse of about 100-120.  Thus fat is being burned in the muscles and the danger of arteriosclerosis is reduced.

Weekend-exercises or jogging until panting is  “murder”.  Excessive Sweating can cause the excessive excretion and imbalance of nutrients and ions that is critical for the complex  balance of every system in our body.

Nature has the magic of Aloe Vera:
Pure aloe vera gel contains 13 vitamins, 13 minerals, 15 enzymes, 4 essential fatty acids, amino acids, acetylsalicylic acid (active ingredient in aspirin) and essential oils.

Aloe vera contains 160 healing and nursing active substances. It contains for example specific polysaccharides that stabilize the space between tissue cells. If the intracellular cavity is continuously replaced, poisons of the body and from the  outside can be broken down.

Aloe vera strengthens and cleans cell walls,  and is regenerating in a natural way.

Give it a try: Eat some of the aloe vera gel from the plant, up to several 100 grams of every day.

You will be surprised how quickly you will become fit.
Can you imagine the fantastic, positive effects of the 160 active Substances while  they are traveling through the skin layers and the bone marrow?

Just try it out!

The guests at  T R O P I C A L  B E A C H  P A R A D I S E are internally and externally fit,  young and healthy and enjoy paradise life to the full.

*) It would be great but this is for sure:

The T R O P I C A L  B E A C H  P A R A D I S E  gives its guests the “Foreverliving Plant” Aloe Vera as a present.