St. Maarten Taxi Phone numbers

Prefix:  001721

Name        Taxi-No. Main Area                    Tel.  

William        138         Habour                     5880353

George                                                     5570382

Octavio       269  Westin or Belvedere       5809100  5204410

Taxi central No.                                         5880291 , from Landline also: 9247

Lisa                                                             5807263
Taxi                     Airport                              5454317

 James                                                         5266295

 J & P TAXI SERVICE Philippe Richardson 00590690874792  00590690 559615  005995819587 US: 0017183608507 Fax 00590590290490
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St. Maarten Taxi

Taxis in St.Maarten
Taxis are importand for transportation in St.Maarten

On the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten / St. Martin there are many taxis. It is advisable to take official taxis with taxi sign. At the Airport are constantly enough taxis. Many taxi drivers use a van and can carry many passengers and luggage. Taxi drivers know the best routes even in traffic jam. Taking a taxi is besides a rental car a good way to get from the airport to the villa or hotel.

When you take a cruise to St. Maarten, then the taxi brings you from the port to the beach like Dawn Beach and Orient Beach or you can also take a tour of the island. Many short-term visitors are enthusiastic about the Caribbean island of St. Maarten and St. Maarten gladly take to the next destination. Visitors from Dawn Beach are thrilled with the beautiful beach and the opportunity to rent for the next vacation a beach villa or beach condo.