Snorkeling at Dawn Beach in the caribbean

Snorkeling in the caribbean sea is a beautiful activity during the caribbean vacation in St.Martin dawn beach
Colorful fishes and corals in the caribbean during snorkeling at Dawn Beach

The tropical temperatures and lots of sun are the best living conditions for the corals and the colorful fishes.

Around the caribbean island of St.Maarten / St.Martin there are many beautiful coral reefs.

The best snorkeling right from the beach is at Dawn Beach.


Snorkeling on Dawn Beach St.Maarten Caribbean

Dawn Beach in St.Maarten is the best beach for snorkeling. You can recognize the start of the caribbean reef by the white foam from the breaking waves. If these are close enough to the beach, they offer great snorkeling. caribbean snorkeling st.maarten snorkeling Dawn Beach snorkekeling
The reef from the south side to the middle of Dawn Beach offers fantastic snorkeling conditions.
The reef called "Breaker" in the middle of the northern half of Dawn Beach in St.Maarten is a home for many colorful fishes and corals.

Dawn beach is the best beach for snorkeling right from the beach in St.Maarten/St.Martin. The caribbean snorkeling experience on Dawn Beach is better than some of the snorkeling trips offered by boat excursions with sailboat or motorboat.

The best entry point if on the southern end of Dawn Beach. The reef is nearest the beach, and there are typically only small waves. Just a few yards in you can already see some colorful fishes. From there you can also snorkel along the reef, or even between the inner and outer reef (for good swimmers only!), and swim towards the northern part of Dawn Beach.

In the middle of Dawn Beach, there is a gap in the reef. There, you can swim back to the beach, although it is a bit further than at the beginning on the south point. When you reach the middle of Dawn beach via the gap in the coral reed, you will arrive directly at your vacation villa, the Tropical Beach Paradise

On the northern half of Dawn Beach is the beautiful caribbean snorkeling reef named "Breaker". White waves are there.

Snorkeling at Dawn Beach

Snorkeling at Dawn Beach is a favorite water activity on the caribbean island of St.Maarten
Snorkeling at Dawn Beach is a very enjoyable activity during your caribbean vacation

Enjoy your caribbean vacation during snorkeling, diving, and swimming. When your vacation home is on Dawn Beach, you wont need a car or boat to go snorkeling. The best snorkeling is right next of your caribbean vacation villa.

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