Antilles island St. Maarten / St. Martin - Caribbean holiday in the beach villa

The beach villa at the Netherlands Antilles island St. Maarten is to be rented.
Beach villa at the Netherlands Antilles

Proposal for a holiday at the beach in the Caribbean:

You can rent a holiday apartment or summer cottage on Saint Maarten / St. Martin, the many-sided and unmatched nice Netherlands Antilles island, from privately.

The beach house is located only about 7 metres over the sea by which you have a fantastic view. From the beach villa they can reach directly about a few steps the palms surrounded beach in one of the nicest bays of the Caribbean.

Here you can experience the always summery warmth and the clear water of the Caribbean directly. An experience which you will still remember long pleasantly.

Experience the friendly and generous flats in the beach house and the white beach of the Caribbean on Saint Maarten!

Holiday at the beach - Holiday home and holiday flats in the Caribbean

An exclusive villa is to be rented on the beach of the Caribbean.
Caribbean villa 2 - pool and sonny terrace
You can overlook the sea of the Caribbean from the studio apartment with big terrace.
Studio apartment of the beach villa 1 at the Netherlands Antilles

In the beach villa of Saint Maarten in the Caribbean they will experience unforgettable holidays. From the terrace of your holiday flat or the beach house you enjoy the play of the rising sun and the moon (with full moon) over the Caribbean.

A wonderful look over the sea of the Caribbean and the white beach with his marvellous palms comes up to you from the beach villa.

You will recover in your Caribbean beach villa on the Netherlands Antilles and can enjoy the marvellous scenery of the Caribbean Island.

The holiday flats in the beach villa and the rooms in the holiday house 2 which stands in the same extensive area directly about the beach are generous and bright. In the beach house and on the sonny terrace at the pool you will find enough place for a relaxed vacation in the Caribbean.

Decide to rent a holiday house or a holiday flat in the beach villa in the Caribbean for the next vacation. Treten Sie mit uns über unsere Get in touch with us.

Look forward to a vacation in the Caribbean!

Holiday experiences on Saint Maarten

Boat trips will like every vacationer at the Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean.
On the way to Pinel near St. Martin
Shopping is also in the Caribbean a popular holiday pleasure.
Shopping in Marigot St. Martin in the Caribbean

The island Saint Maarten of the Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean is experience-worth for many reasons of seeing to us.

Sporty activities are variously possible. Gulf, horse riding, diving to fishing and corals, water sport of all kind in the sea and on the beach belong to it.

By boats you can get to know marvellous bays and beaches of the Caribbean Island or visit the neighbouring islands, perhaps to see dolphins and to splash around together with them, to shop or to get to know the scenery these islands.

Shopping is extensively possible in the Netherlands Saint Maarten or the French north part of the Caribbean Island for St. Martin.

You will certainly like the culinary offers in many restaurants if you do not take up the possibility to cook in your holiday flat or holiday home independently.

The nightlife on the Netherlands Antilles island offers other possibilities to use the vacation in the beach house on the island for many-sided experiences.

Decide on a vacation in the beach house in the Caribbean. - We greet you.