Welcome in the beach house at the netherlands Antilles

Beach house in the Caribbean directly to rent
Beach house in the Caribbean in St. Maarten

The beach house for your dream vacation in the Caribbean is right on the beach on the Dutch Antillean island of St. Maarten / St. Martin.

Apartments or an entire house can be rented for your Caribbean vacation here on the beach in St. Maarten Dawn Beach.

The island of St. Maarten / St. Martin is a very beautiful and interesting island in the Lesser Antilles. The southern Caribbean island where the beach villa is located, belongs to the Netherlands Antilles, the north of France.

From Europe you fly directly to the International Airport Princess Juliana SXM. The capital of the Dutch part of the Caribbean island is Philipsburg.

Comfortable living in the exclusive beach house in the Caribbean

The pool of the beach villa in the Netherlands Antilles
View from beach villa 2 to the pool and the sea
Bedroom in an apartment of the Caribbean beach house
Bedroom in the Caribbean beach house

Whether you are in the beach house of the Dutch Antilles, or you rent an apartment at a separate house on the same beach privatly, you will live in an exclusive ambance, away from the hectic rush that is associated with a hotel stay.

Here you can relax and enjoy your Caribbean vacation. You can achieve the probably most beautiful beach on the island of your house or your apartment directly above a flight of stairs.

Endless holiday experiences on the island of the Netherlands Antilles

One of many beautiful bays of the Dutch Antilles island in the Caribbean
Bay on the Caribbean island of St Maarten
The beach with palm trees is fascinating
Palm beach on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten

On the always warm island of the Netherlands Antilles you will spent in the beach villa your dream vacation.

Around the island of St. Maarten / St. Martin in the Caribbean, there are beautiful coves and beaches. Exuberant beauties of the nature make a memorable vacation at the beach in the Caribbean.

The island has a Dutch and a French part. Experience both parts on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten.

Seemingly inexhaustible, the offers for the design of your holiday plans on the Dutch Antilles island. Both the athletic facilities and tourist attractions on the Caribbean island are very versatile. The possibilities of shopping and the wide range of entertainment will fill most of your visit if you like.

Be sure to mention the fine cuisine in the many restaurants on the island of St Maarten / St Martin.

You will find peace and relaxation at the pool or on the terrace of the apartment or holiday house on the beach in the Caribbean.

Call us or write - We will make you an offer for your dream holiday in the beach house in the Caribbean.