Important phone numbers of St.Martin/St.Maartin dutch and french caribbean

Important telephone numbers on the Dutch side:

The country code is +1721. This is to also to use from landlines and mobile phones of the French side for calls to the Dutch side. Landline numbers start with the 54.

The short numbers are for use of dutch landline or cellular phones

Police, Emergency 911 / +1721 5422222
Fire            919 / +1721 5426001
Ambulance EMS 912 / +1721 5422111
Medical Center  910 / +1721 5431111
Coast Guard     913 / +1721 5437603  VHF Ch. 16


Medical Center
 Cay Hill
Tel.: 910 oder +1721 5431111

Dentist K.C. Dowling  Buncumper Road +1721 5423584

Great Bay Clinic Philipsburg opposite Library and Super Plaza
 Ch EW Voges Street 4, Philipsburg  +1721 5426542
  Hours: 7:30-10:30   1-4:30

Ch EW Voges Street 4, Philipsburg
opposite Libary   +1721 5423001

Animal Hospital Union Rd Cole Bay +1721 5444111 Fax 5444113
St. Maarten Veterinary Clinic Dr. Gary B. Swanston +1721 5420111  Fax 5422270 Cell 5571838

Important telephone numbers on the French side:

Most phone numbers on the French side of Saint Martin are specified starting with 0590 or 0690. From a mobile phone from overseas or from a cell phone or landline from the Dutch side is dial the country code +590 first and not the first 0 of the French number: +590590 ... for calls to landlines and +590690 ... for calls to mobile phones.

French Police +590590522190

French Hospital Marigot +590590522190
Centre Hospitalier Marigot Empfang f. Ambulance  
 B.P. 381 Spring Concordia 97054 Saint Martin Cedex
  Sekretariat Consultation Externe +590590522607/08

Ambulance for french side:

 Eric Ambulance +590590292934
 Ambulance with Doctor  +590590522636

Doctor on french side:
Dr. Marc Thibaut 8-12:30 a.m. 4-6.30 p.m. Sat 9-12 a.m.

In order not to wait too long the best time is arriving about 1/2 hour before the afternoon opening hours. Wednesdays ist the best day.
+590590294289 Fax +590590294288
Urgency Cell +590690884000 home +17215444071
French Quarter (Orleans) next to the Parmarcy opposite to the large gas  station