Hot Whirlpool in the Caribbean: yes, in the luxurious villa in Dawn Beach St. Maarten

Caribbean and Whirlpool: yes, here in the luxury villa in Dawn Beach in Saint Maarten
Hot Whirlpool in the Caribbean: double holiday joy in Dawn Beach in Saint Maarten

Every minute of the Caribbean vacation in Dawn Beach in the Tropical Beach Paradise is a pleasure for the whole family or the whole circle of friends. The guests spend here again and again their Caribbean vacation and recommend this to absolutely nice beach homes everywhere. Additional to the whirlpool there are another 3 pools in this Caribbean beach paradise.

Vacation home with Hot Whirlpool

Hot whirlpool in the holiday home in the Caribbean, 3 pools and the infinite pool on the beach - your Caribbean vacation in paradise
Hot Whirlpool for perfect holidays in the vacation home in the Caribbean

Enjoy your Caribbean vacation in the holiday house on the beach with the hot whirlpool. Also at summery temperatures in the sea and in the pool it gives a lot of pleasure and one does something for the health to let massage from the hot whirlpool or to switch off there for a while..