Energy Healing Caribbean

Energy Healing Caribbean
Energy Healing St.Maarten - no more seaweed
Energy Healing Caribbean
Energy Healing St.Maarten

AGAPE HOLISTIC RETREAT is a haven of peace and spiritual replenishment, free from stress and judgment, held on the tropical island paradise of Sint Maarten and around the whole globe.



Energy healer Bernadette Davies is an earth elemental raising the 3rd, 4th, and 5th energies, and so she works from the heart space in guiding to wellness and self-knowledge. She uses sacred geometry and the Emissary Wheel, a powerful twelve-pointed star that focuses energy with love and intention, to help people align with their purpose. She also uses Rife Resonance Therapy through sound.

Bernadette works with dis-eases of all types including smoking, overeating, gambling, drinking, and the results of emotional abuse. She always feels privileged to hold a persons sacred healing space and let the healing energies move through her. It is not her own wisdom she channels but the wisdom of the Self she is working with. Bernadette guides to a place of self-love and love of others, and to an understanding that all is in oneness.

Her calling is to help others in their journey to a more expansive and fulfilling existence. To facilitate these often life-changing transitions, Bernadette does one-on-one healings. She also founded Agape Holistic Retreat on the island paradise of St. Maarten where she leads small groups in the connecting of body, mind and spirit and uses TROPICAL BEACH PARADISE for her retreat location.

Bernadette studied Anthroposophy and Theosophy at the Rudolph Steiner Centre in Toronto. She is a certified Reiki and Crystal practitioner, and has certifications in the Munay-Ki Rites, which draw on the wisdom of the Peruvian shamans. Bernadette is trained Rife Energy therapist a system that raises your body organs, systemsto its optimal by sound with remarkable holistic evidence for personal wellness, ask her? Bernadette has completed her second year studying soul coaching with her friend and mentor James Twyman at the Academy of Soul Manifestation along with 30 other chosen almost graduates of this two year course. She is a Soul Coach privately as well via skype and in person.

Bernadette Davies and Agape Holsitic Retreat is featured in the 2016 Destination Magazine in the health and beauty section page 149.

To honour Bernadette's passion for her work and her ability to work with you right at Tropical Beach Paradise, Bernadette will provide a complimentary 30-minute healing session when booking her services through with the subject heading: Tropical Beach Paradise at

 Bernadette will meet you at the villa with your guests to create a Healing session with you personally, or by skype while you stay at the fantastic Tropical Beach Paradise. Its her pleasure.

Consultation & Treatment 1 hour $85 us dollars pp 

* Group experience a Healing session on site?. $499 us. 2-3 hours by appointment.

Spa treatment with a Moore Mud Treatment 

on the Beach right at your villa at Tropical Beach Paradise then soak in the sea. Guided by Bernadette~ she brings it all. You will gently detox and fill up with micronutrients of the highest organic moore mud from cassleman ontarion canada shipped in for us in st maarten by Bernadette Davies. $85 us pp in your group or privately.

* Island Adventure? Bernadette lives on island and knows the spots that are really special! Have a experience of mind body spirit. Bernadette will take you on a hiking adventure to a very special spot about 10 mins from the villa. She will meet you at the villa and escort you or direct you to the spot. We walk across a shallow body of water (a vortex of energy where the atlantic meets the pacific ocean) and climb to the top of a small island to enjoy the most relaxing sound music for body and mind alignment. Everyone loves this! $185 us pp for a 2.5 hours and escorted back to villa. water shoes required. very safe and very expanding! You will assist the planet with a higher frequency!

"Put your Mind on Hold and Let your world unfold"

Bernadette Davies

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