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Compare the offered Caribbean beach houses (villas) carefully and you will enjoy your Caribbean Vacation much more.
Villa right on the beach: Compare the offered Caribbean vacation villas before your booking.

Compare the beach villas before your booking and check References and Reviews of Caribbean Villa 1 und Caribbean Villa 2.

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 We offer the Following at Our Villa* and Apartments

(*villa has its own pool)

Compare to other Villa and Apartment Offers

Beach access - the Caribbean Beach Paradise and Ocean Beach Paradise are right on the beach. It's the Dawn Beach. A part of the beach in front of the property belongs to the property. You have access to both sides of the Dawn Beach - the Caribbean Beach Paradise and Ocean Beach Paradise have 4 beach gates. The stairs to the beach have hand railing.

99.5 %of vacation villas don't have a beach. Please note: The name Dawn Beach is also included in Dawn Beach Estates, which means on the hillside.

A private pool can be provided as there are multiple pools at the property. The pool area is surrounded by ‘Sekurit Glas’ railing and (the villa) by  a “see-through”  wood fence... The pools have lounge chairs and umbrellas.


Apartments typically do not come with an own private pool (the villa does), but at our property, depending on how you rent the units, a private pool can be provided.

We have beach chairs and umbrellas.


If other villas have a beach, there are no beach chairs.


Enjoy unobstructed views of the ocean and beach.

Not all villas/apartments allow unobstructed views to the ocean.

Our hot tub/Jacuzzi can be utilized immediately at all times (it is permanently heated)

At other properties, the use of the hot tub/Jacuzzi (if offered) may have time limits.



Ask about help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by German and English speaking owner - no problem at the Caribbean Beach Paradise and Ocean Beach Paradise.


Most properties don’t offer 24-7 assistance.

We answer all your questions before and during your stay in a very timely manner.

We are the most responsive owners.

Modern air conditioning system, as well as ceiling fans.

We provide information on activities to make your stay here an unforgettable one.

We provide insights.

We service you with the following: maid and towel service, grocery shopping service. A cook can be provided upon request.

Most properties do not offer such an extensive service package.

At our property and surroundings, everything is available from a convenience store to a beach bar, restaurants and even a casino, and grocery shopping can be done by our staff  – so you may not need to rent a car

Most properties do not offer these amenities.

The Caribbean Beach Paradise and Ocean Beach Paradise have a back up generator.


Many properties may not have a generator.