Be connected with WiFi even when you are on a vacation

Wireless connectivity WiFi makes himself necessary work on holiday in a beach house in the Caribbean, nice and light.
Even on holiday connected with the world. - It does not always have work.

You are planning a trip to the Caribbean, but how can you be connected with your company while on a vacation? Don’t worry. If it’s the Caribbean vacation home at Dawn Beach that you have booked, there is WiFi wireless Internet connection included free of charge. Not only that, you can be rest assured of customized services, suiting your requirements.
It is true that a vacation should be free of office work, but there are times when you have to put in your efforts even when you are relaxing. And the services here at Ocean Beach and Tropical Beach Paradise promise you an uninterrupted internet facility that is fast and user-friendly.

Stay connected with WiFi in the Caribbean with the rest of the world

WLAN connections are you in the cottage in the Caribbean provided free of charge
Always online - even in the Caribbean vacation
Whether telephone or Internet - in a beach house in the pool also theoretically possible
Stay connected in the Caribbean with the rest of the world

Modern communication technology makes it easy to contact friends or business associates. In the caribbean villa, the apartments and at the beach you can enjoy your vacation without having to miss urgent private or official information by telephone and Internet - WiFi for free!

Be relaxed in your house or apartment, at the pool on the sun deck or even at the beautiful beach of Dawn Beach island of St. Maarten in the Dutch Caribbean you have WiFi from the villa.

And the phone and internet services are free of charge!


Always online - even in the Caribbean vacation

In the Caribbean, St. Maarten Dawn Beach vacation house, you have everything you need to spend a carefree holiday and to maintain contact with the company, family or friends at home: WiFi, Skype phone with flat rate.
More Fun with Skype as a home is one in a vacation villa in the Caribbean. Woudy do with you.

Be it high-speed DSL Internet with wireless service or Ethernet cable, our Caribbean vacation home and the apartments are well-equipped for all your corporate demands. For your comfort and your safety, you can use two different providers. One is through a phone line and the other is from a directional antenna. UPS systems are avoiding interruptions occurring during power shortages (if any).
So, be connected and stay connected even when you are away from the rest of the world, having the time of your life with your near and dear ones.
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