Caribbean Hurricane

Sunrise over the caribbean ocean - almost every day. Seldom caribbean hurricane.
There is a lot of sun the whole year. Very seldoms hurricanes

Caribbean islands are enjoying a comfortable summer temperatureall year round. The water and the climate is as enjoyable as the island environs, given the wonderfull ocean breeze that constantly blows in from the sea, regulating the temperature to very agreeable values. Warm, moist trade winds blow from the east, creating a semi desert climatic condition on the mostly mountainous Caribbean islands.

There is no realy rainy season in the caribbean. All over the year there are onyl a few rainy days. The hurricane season is May - November but untill end of July it's normally very quiet. Also later the risk that a hurricane hits a caribbean island is very small. Especially the Dutch Caribbean Island St.Maarten/St.Martin has seldom problems with hurricanes. The last major hurricane was Luis beginning of Sep 1995. The traces of hurricanes are mostly far away in the south or the north of St.Maarten. The islands around Gouadeloupe, Martinique and St.Lucia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republik and Jamaika and Florida have likely more problems with hurricanes.

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Especially St.Maarten has seldom problems with major hurricanes

The Caribbean has minimal temperature variations from one to another season. This is mainly due to the northeastern trade winds that comes to the islands, with the average temperature ranging between 80° F  (January and February) and about 85° C  (July and August). Also in the hurricane season you will have mostly agreeable sommer weather. Especially Caribbean villas are mostly safe due to hurricane shutters.

There is no particular rainy season in the Caribbean, but whenever it does, it occurs in short span of light showers, soothing the climate even more. Overall, rainfall can vary from one to two times in a given month, although the frequency is not the same every month. The months (June to November) during which hurricanes are likely to occur also seem to have a comfortable weather, devoid of any significant climatic turmoil and disturbance.

Instead of 100 °F in the summer with no wind at home you should prefer to travel to St. Maarten in the caribbean.

Sun and bath everytime of the year
Bath weather the whole year in the Caribbean

The island can be visited at all times across the year. Almost the whole year the weather in the Caribbean is more agreeable than at home. Alluring travelers from around the world, the best time to visit the Caribbean is during the winter season, when the islands boast of sunny and warm days and there is very little rainfall apart from occasional shower in the evening and in the late afternoon.

You can put up at the Caribbean villa rentals to enjoy that luxury vacation that you had always dreamt of. With numerous things to do and a lot to enjoy, the Caribbean islands are considered a paradise among visitors from across the world. The region receives year-round sunshine, divided into wet and dry seasons. So, be there are enjoy the rejuvenating climate here to take back fond memories of the Caribbean vacation back home.