Holiday in the Caribbean in a beach villa

Your next vacation will lead you in the Caribbean!

 Rent a holiday home or a holiday apartment in the beach house in the Caribbean on the Antilles island St. Martin / Saint Maarten.

A beach villa by the Antilles as an aim of your next Caribbean vacation
Beach villa in the Caribbean on Sint Maarten

Directly on the beach of one of the nicest islands of the Netherlands Antilles Saint Maarten you can rent yourselves from privately your holiday apartment or experience your Caribbean vacation in the dream house. The beach house stands in the east of the island on the beach Dawn Beach which you can reach from the beach villa directly.

Are glad about a wonderful vacation in the Caribbean with white sand on the quiet beach lined by palms and many exciting days on the island Saint Maarten which you can get to know from your holiday apartment easily.

Holiday home at the beach of the Caribbean

Sunrise in the beach house in the Caribbean
The sun over the Caribbean
Pool and sea by the Caribbean beach house
A Pool at the Caribbean holiday house 2


Experience the Caribbean of her nicest side. Already the rising sun over the sea at the beach house will inspire you. Whether you have rented the holiday house or a holiday apartment, you will feel the luxury which you also wish on the Caribbean vacation on the beach.


The sitting rooms in the Caribbean holiday apartments are generous and bright, the bedrooms comfortably and luxurios. Kitchen or kitchenette exists in every holiday apartment.

They can rent even additional bedrooms. On your private terrace of the flats on the 1st floor you have a lot of place.

You reach the white sandy beach about a few steps from your holiday apartment. So near by the sea you are in the beach house in the Caribbean!

Are glad about your beach house or your holiday apartment. Here in the Caribbean you must not renounce luxury.

Caribbean holiday home at the beach rent

All holiday apartments in our beach villa have a terrace with sea look
Living room and terrace in the Caribbean beach villa 1
In the generous double beds of thebeach villa you sleep comfortably.
Sleep in the double bed in the Caribbean beach villa 1
Close to the beach house is the pool
Caribbean beach villa 1 with one of the pools

Sint Maarten - The island with atmosphere and variety

The island Sint Maarten in the Caribbean which southern part belongs to the Netherlands Antilles is called Saint Martin in the north. The north belongs to France. Your beach house stands in the southern part of this Caribbean Island.

The coexistence of both nations has stamped this Caribbean Island. From your holiday apartment you can explore the versatility of the island.

On the beach you can enjoy your Caribbean vacation. Ashore and in the water you can be active in variously manner sportily or explore the island Saint Maarten / St. Martin with your marvellous beaches and bays by the boat. Culinary you will certainly like the restaurants available in big number with your kitchen famously good in the Caribbean. Shopping and pleasure are offered everywhere. There you must be simply present. The variety of the offers on the Caribbean Island will inspire them.

We like to give  suggestions to you to form your vacation at one of the nicest islands of the Caribbean pleasantly and unforgettably.

Have a look at this island in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean Island Saint Maarten invites to stroll.
Caribbean vacationer ashore
The Caribbean Island has wonderful beaches and bays
Bay on Saint Maarten
Diving is liked very much on St. Martin in the Caribbean
Diving to the fish in St. Martin
By boat on the way - so one can get to know the Caribbean
Caribbean-island investigation