Snorkeling in the Caribbean - visit coral

An experience for scuba divers and laity in the Caribbean always diving on the coral and fish. Also from the Beach Villa on St. Maarten, you can visit the underwater world of the Caribbean and marvel.

Arrival in Sint Maarten
Rocks in Sint Maarten
Exit for snorkeling
Corals in shallow sea
Clearly visible: the coral
Snorkeling in the Caribbean
Interesting underwater
Looking to Sint Maarten
Beautiful rock formation
Cruise in the Caribbean
Tour by boat
Beach villa at Dawn Beach
Dawn Beach from the Beach villa
Beautiful Beach
Pool at the cottage and ocean
Beach to swimm and relax
Neighboring island views
Pool terrace of the Beach Villa
From the pool to the sea
The Bay near Dawn Beach
When sailing off the island
A Cape by sea
Sun over the Caribbean
Looking to Sint Maarten