Rental cars are the best transportation in St. Maarten

There are many car rental companies in St. Maarten in the Caribbean. At your vacation villa the rental cars can park safely.
Rental cars are the best transportation in St. Maarten

Rental cars are the best transportation for tourists on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten. To take some of the 400 restaurants, go shopping in Philipsburg and Marigot and explore the 36 beaches, a rental car is highly recommended. There are many car rental agencies. At the airport there from the major car rental booths. The offices and parking the car rental companies are usually near the airport and you will be driven there. By prior booking through the Internet can compare the prices in the run better. They begin at under $ 100 per week + insurance + tax. For the price of a taxi ride can rent a car for 24 hours already. Especially at Christmas time it is wise to reserve the rental car before. If you drive after arrival at the apartment, the house or the hotel and later takes care of the car, then you have to expect higher prices as far away from the airport is little competition. You may also call at a car rental at the airport and the car is then taken. Usually you have to then go to the employees of the rental car back to the airport. One is well advised to consult his credit card company in advance which insurance is already included with the card. It may be that the car owner requires initially a blank signature on the credit card receipt. If the car is too small for the passengers and their luggage, you can ask the car rental company about to take the luggage to the cottage, to the apartment or hotel. This may cost a bit, but is cheaper than renting for the entire time to a larger or more cars. Crossing the two States (St. Martin - St. Maarten and French - Part of the Dutch Kingdom) there are cars with flags of St. Maarten and those with the French flag. The Dutch flag the car start with the letter "R" and tourists are thus easily recognized as such. This is different from the French flag, but are at a roadside check on the French side of this rather stop times.

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Some Car rentals in St.Maarten:

Prefix: +1721

Alamo Car Rental 54555546
Car Rental Ambassador (also in Oyster Pond) 53921+2
Paradise Car Rental  5453737 

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