Baie Rouge St.Martin french Caribbean

Baie Rouge St.Martin french caribbean, french westindies
Baie Rouge St.Martin
baie rouge, rock with hole
Neben Baie Rouge from a Boat
Baie Rouge rock hole
Baie Rouge St.Martin - rock with hole
Baie Rouge St.Martin Beach
Baie Rouge for swimming through
Baie Rouge Strand St.Martin/St.Maarten french Caribbean
Baie Rouge - a long beautifull beach in St.Martin
Baie Rouge oben ohne clothes optional fkk möglich
Baie Rouge - topless is normal in St.Martin
Baie Rouge St.Martin beach
Baie Rouge St.Martin
Baie Rouge.  private beach baie rouge, rock
Anquorage in Baie Rouge
Baie Rouge St.Martin rock, diving, snorkeling
Baie Rouge rock with hole

Baie Rouge in St. Martin is with the rocks and the beautiful bay a nice a trip. From Marigot Baie Rouge can be reached via the road towards the Lowlands. At the sharp curve, continue straight to the parking lot. There you will immediately be asked if you want to rent beach chairs and umbrellas. On the beach of Baie Rouge is a beach bar with kitchen. One has from Baie Rouge a beautiful view of a hollowed rock between two small private beaches. Good swimmers can reach in 30-45 minutes. With the boat here is a nice day anchorage. The beach sand is very hot and you should either wear shoes or go near the shore. After a few hundred meters, it is a bit quieter and there is also clothing optional.  But you will enjoy a day trip to Baie Rouge.