Bachata sensual - sexy Bachata dance


Sensual Bachata is a blend of Bachata Moderna and Dominican Style with a lot of moves - slow and sexy and fast. It makes a lot of fun! No matter if the dance partners know each other or dance Bachata sensual for the first time together. Both dance partners, especially the lady, must be highly flexible. The man is the frame and the woman is the picture and she fills it at Bachata sensual between all the corners with her sexy body movements leded by the man and moves her hips to both sides and forward and backward.

The lady must be ready to bend her body with Bachata sensual in all directions, leded by the man with her arms, shoulders, head, hair, neck, hips, legs, belly and back. Don’t worry - nothing will be touched at Bachata sensual, what may not be touched on the dance floor.


Bachata sensual Playlist starting with Luis García & Andrea Cobos