Excursion to Anguilla

Jumping dolphins there are close in Anguilla in the Caribbean near the French Caribbean island of St. Martin. Anguilla is only 5 miles from St.Martin away.
Dolphins are jumping right infront of the visitors and they can swim with them.
Swim with the dolphins in the aquarium is on the neighboring island of St. Martin Anguilla in the Caribbean is a beautiful adventure
On the caribbean island Anguilla you can swim with the dolphins.

A trip from the Caribbean island of St.Martin for only 5 nautical miles distant neighboring island Anguilla is a beautiful adventure. You can reach easily Anguilla by ferry from Marigot. On Anguilla, you can make a round island ride by taxi or rental car. It has left traffic and you must first buy a license for the island. Very interesting is in Anguilla also swimming with the dolphins in the aquarium. Anguilla has many nice beaches.