Extremely deep landing of airplanes in Saint Maarten

Extremely deep landing over the heads of the spectators in the Maho Beach in Saint Maarten
Airplane landing in Saint Maarten almost to grab near
Holiday experience in Saint Maarten in the Netherlands Caribbean
Deep landing - a play on the Caribbean Island Saint Maarten

Many Caribbean vacationers specially come to Saint Maarten to watch the extremely low airplane landings right over the heads of the people on Maho Beach. Some especially reckless vacationers hold on to a fence even at the start of an airplane to feel the hot thrust of the jets on this Caribbean island. This is a dangerous holiday adventure.

Adventure at the start of aircrafts at SXM airport St.Maarten

This important sign is at the Prinzess Juliana International Airport in St.Maarten
In St.Maarten there is this warning sign at the SXM airport

Despite the warning tourits are standing on the fence of the Prinzess Juliana International Airport Sint Maarten behind the starting airplans.